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Alister, I.; Hauke, C. (eds.) – Contemporary Jungian Analysis
Antchev, Anatol – A Jungian Approach to Bulgarian Folklore
Antchev, Anatol – The Archetype of Farrier
Antchev, Anatol – The Vampires in Bulgarian Folklore
Antonova, Neda – Wine and Prayers
Antonova, Neda – Wine and Safari
Baitchinska, Krasimira – The Golden Girl
Bourgeade, Pierre – The Immortals
Bourgeade, Pierre – The Wardrobe
Bouyadjiev, Sergey – No Return
Canetti, Elias – Mass and Power
Canetti, Elias – Party in Blitz
Canetti, Elias – The Rescued Language
Challiand, G. & Blin, A. – History of Terrorism
Courtemanche, Gil – A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali
Delden, J.-F. Croes van – The Symbolism of Fairy Tales
Davies, Robertson – The Fifth Business
Deliiska, Vania – Letter to “Zvanika”
Domuschiev, Christo – Shadows of the Old Pleven
Dragodanov, Misho – Uncle Velitchko
Drambozova, Lena – For the love to Italy
Drambozova, Lena – Guilliano Djemma – The Legend
Drewermann, Eugen – The Essential is Invisible
Dis, Adrian van – The Wanderer
Ellenberger, Henri – The Discovery of Unconscious
Findley, Thimothy – Pilgrim
Findley, Timothy – The Piano Man`s Daughter
Frankl, Victor – Not-Written in my Books
Frankl, Victor – The Doctor and the Soul
Franz, Marie-Louise von – Alchemy: Introduction & Symbolism and Psychology
Franz, Marie-Louise von – Animus and Anima in Fairy Tales
Franz, Marie-Louise von – Archetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales
Franz, Marie-Louise von – On Divination and Synchronicity
Franz, Marie-Louise von – The Passion of Perpetua
Franz, Marie-Louise von – The Problem of Puer Aeternus
Franz, Marie-Louise von – Redemption Motifs in Fairy Tales
Franz, Marie-Louise von – The Cat. A Tale of Feminine Redemption
Frisch, Max, Selected (v. 5) – Biography. A Play
Frisch, Max, Selected (v.1) – Diaries
Frisch, Max etc. – Max Frisch. Dossier
Frisch, Max, Selected (v. 3) – Difficult Peoples or J`adore ce qui me brule
Frisch, Max, Selected (v. 2) – Juerg Reinchard. A Fateful Journey
Frisch, Max – Questionnaires
Frisch, Max, Selected (v. 4) – Sheets from the Bread-sack etc.
Gaidarova, Radka – More True Stories
Gaidarova, Radka – True Stories
Gary, Romain – A Woman`s Shine
Gary, Romain – Life and Death of Emile Ajar
Gary, Romain – Birds Come to die in Peru
Gary, Romain – Charge of Soul
Gary, Romain – Lady L.
Gary, Romain – Lyric Clowns
Gary, Romain – The Promise of Dawn
Gary, Romain – The Sense of My Life
Gatzeva, Spaska – Dona S.`s Phantasies
Gatzeva, Spaska – Recital
Guelich, Martin – The Embrace
Hall, James – Jungian Dream Interpretation
Hollis, James – Under Saturn`s Shadow
Hillman, James – Dream and the Underworld
Huston, Nancy – The Tombstone of Romain Gary
Franz, Marie-Louise von – The Passion of Perpetua
Franz, M.-L. von – The Psychological Meaning of Redemption Motifs in Fairytales
Iliev, Christo – The Prison
Iliev, Christo – Fragments From The Entity
Iliev, Christo – Yama and Nyama
Iliev, Vladimir – Psychology of Conversation
Iliev, Vladimir – Risk and Communication
Iliev Vladimir, Bakardjieva Milka – Communicative Culture
Ilieva, Margaritka – Balloons Motley as Bonbons
Ionesco, Eugène – The Air Walker
Jacobi, Jolande – The Psychology of C. G. Jung
Jaffé, Aniela – C. G. Jung in Images and Words
Jung, Carl Gustav – Answer to Job
Jung, Carl Gustav – Man and His Symbols
Jung, Carl Gustav – Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Jung, Carl Gustav – On the Basis of Analytical Psychology
Jung, Carl Gustav – On the Personality Development
Jung, Carl Gustav – Practice of Psychotherapy
Jung, Carl Gustav – Psychology of East Religion
Jung, Carl Gustav – Psychology of West Religion
Jung, Carl Gustav – The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious
Jung, Carl Gustav – The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga
Jung, Carl Gustav – The Secret of Golden Flower
Konitzer, Martin – Wilhelm Reich
Kracht, Cristian – 1979
Kracht, Cristian – I Will Be Here, in the Sunshine and the Shadow
Kourtemanche, Gil – One Sunday Near The Pool in Kigali
Lebr, Michel – Seconds
Leroy, Gilles – Alabama Song
Makïne, Andreï – A Woman Who Was Waiting
Makïne, Andrei – Human Love
Makïne, Andrei – The Crime of Olga Arbelina
Makïne, Andrei – The Music of a Life
Makïne, Andrei – The Earth and the Sky of Jaque Dorm
Makïne, Andrei – The Music of a Life
Marinov, Alexander – Child`s Drawinsg and Modern Art
Menasse, Robert – Don Juan de la Mancha
Menasse, Robert – Happy Times, Brittle World
Menasse, Robert – Everybody Can Say “Me”
Menasse, Robert – Expelling from the Heaven
Menasse, Robert – Happy Times, Brittle World
Menasse, Robert – The Twilight of Europe
Michaels, Annie – Fugitive Pieces
Naidova, Mariana – The Cat
Naidova, Mariana – Two novels
Nedialkov, Petko – The Other Heaven
Némirovsky, Irène – French Suite
Némirovsky, Irène – The Master of the Souls
Nikolov, Momtchil – Fragments of a Room
Pennac, Daniel – The Happiness of the Ogress
Perec, Georges – The Man Sleeping
Quignard, Pascal – A Rome Terrace
Quignard, Pascal – Wandering Shadows
Quignard, Pascal – Wandering Shadows (new edition 2017)
Schmitt, E.-E. – Concert in Memory of an Angel
Schmitt, E.-E. – L’enfant de Noe
Schmitt, E.-E. – Love Elixir
Schmitt, E.-E. – Love Poisin
Schmitt, E.-E.– Milarepa
Schmitt, E.-E. – Mr Ibrahim and the Flower of the Coran
Schmitt, E.-E. – My Life with Mozzart + 1 CD
Schmitt, E.-E. – Odette Toulemonde and Other Stories Schmitt, E.-E. – Night of Fire
Schmitt, E.-E. – Oscar and The Pink Lady
Schmitt, E.-E. – Pilate`s Gospel
Schmitt, E.-E. – The Dreamer from Ostende
Schmitt, E.-E. – The Secta of Egoists
Schmitt, E.-E. – The Sumo, who could not grow up
Schmitt, E.-E. – Theatre-1
Schmitt, E.-E. – Theatre-2
Schmitt, E.-E. – Ulysses from Bagdad
Schmitt, E.-E. – When I was a Work of Art
Shalit, Erel – The Complex
Sharp, Daril – K. G. Jung: Lexicon
Slimani, Leila – Tender Song
Slimani, Leila – In the Garden of an Ogre
Stoycheva, Katya – Tolerance for Ambiguity
Tellegen, Toon – Ms Stoven
Vasilev, Dimitar – Katia Popova – Blessed by God
Vasilev, Dimitar – Territory of Spirit
Velthuijs, Max – Frog and the Stranger
Velthuijs, Max – Frog and the Wide World
Velthuijs, Max – Frog and the Winter
Velthuijs, Max – Frog is Frog
Velthuijs, Max – Frog is Hero
Vian, Boris – Manuel de Saint-Germain-des-Prés